Natural food pigment·Safe and secure

Independent invention patent and unique technology, the product quality is excellent, the customer response is good.
The company has constantly updated production technologies such as ultrasonic extraction, membrane separation, low temperature concentration, molecular distillation, and supercritical extraction.Product quality continues to improve, safe and secure.

Monochrome water soluble natural pigment

Compound water soluble natural pigment

Capsicum extract

Food processing aids

Feed additive

Other uses
150 thousand acres of high quality raw materials planting base "Only fine, but sincere" is our philosophy Companies adhere to the "only fine, but sincere" concept, to fine deeds, to sincere people.

Company philosophy: fine products and sincere character.
Company Mission: from the green nature, to create a healthy life.
Management philosophy: focus on detail, to seek innovation.
Employee Faith: study actively ,good thinking and refinement, with high spirit ,strict principle and honesty.

Main exports of products In addition to domestic sales, exports to the European Union, North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other regions.

Water-soluble products1740Ton/year、Oil soluble products1500Ton/year.

Ultrasonic extraction, membrane separation, low temperature concentration, molecular distillation and supercritical extraction

Internal environment/scale

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点击这里给我发消息 2996321475
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